Environmental & Sustainability Policy

T & M McCormack & Co Ltd is dedicated to providing safe, reliable, world class transportation in an environmentally sound and responsible manner.

Through our diverse and talented workforce we strive to conduct our operations in an environmentally sustainable manner through the continual improvement of environmental performance and the implementation of environmental management systems.

T & M McCormack will


  • T & M McCormack will meet & exceed environmental laws &regulations.
  • Will manage its operations to be a good neighbour in the communities we serve 7 to avoid or minimise impacts on the environment.
  • Will manage its operations to avoid or minimises environmental impacts on the human health & safety of our employees.
  • Ensure that environmental, social & economic considerations the design & operational business planning process.
  • Establish & monitor environmental objectives & implement the best management practice to improve performance.
  • Will seek the commitment of all employees in environmental & sustainability through training, communications and support of employee initiatives.
  • Foster sustainable use of natural resources by promoting pollution prevention, water reduction, energy management, recycling, re-use, and re-purposing of materials, and waste reduction management opportunities.
  • Will cooperate with other organisations to achieve shared environmental goals.
  • Will review our environmental performance to to identify opportunities for continued reduction of its carbon footprint as well as reduction of consumption of natural resources.
  • Will seek to implement emerging technologies to present innovative and tangible environmental, social and economic benefits to our transport service delivery.

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